Real Community // Rob Latimer

September 11, 2018


What does a disciple look like?


Community broken down is “common-unity” – Community is all about living life together.


In Luke 5:1-11, we see Jesus call his first disciples. There are two boats, and Jesus gets into Simon’s boat.


We need to be alone with God first, then go out into the crowd.


When Jesus calls you, you can either stay there or go out.

STEP INto the boat with Jesus.

Times when we are most exhausted is the most crucial time. We are called to PUSH OUT, GO DEEPER


Luke 5:5-11 broken down :

(v.5) Simon heard, obeyed and trusted Jesus.

Nets represent our faith. God wants to stretch our faith, let it tear. This is done out of love.

Real community is built on real faith – common unity with Jesus, relationship, time spent with the Lord

(v. 6-7) Simon’s friends came to help and their boat began to sink

(v.8) Simon falls to his knees, he saw the Lord’s goodness and asked him to leave

Jesus chose to be in our boat, he chose to be with us and he doesn’t leave us

(v.10) “fish for people” – calling of discipleship and fellowship

(v.11) they left everything and followed him – that’s faith!

Jesus (aka Immanuel meaning “God with us”)


Remember : do not be afraid for God is with you. With community you find fellowship and common unity


Questions to consider:
Do you feel like a small fish in a big pond?

Are you afraid to go deeper?


–Notes by Kayla Darensbourg