Real Identity // Paige Lambert

September 18, 2018


What is your real identity? Sonship and daughter ship to the One True King

Am I living out my real identity?


[John 1:43, John 15:16]

Peter (aka Cephas)

Chosen, bold, powerful and steadfast

We are also chosen and appointed!


[2 Timothy 1:7]

Spirit of power, love and self-discipline


[2 Corinthians 5:17]

We are a new creation


[Romans 8:14-15]

We are adopted, desired, valuable and worthy


Peter was also emotionally unstable and impulsive.

[Matthew 14:25-32] – he tried to walk on water but lacked faith.

[Matthew 16:21-23] – tried to protect Jesus from the cross; he let his emotions get in the way

[Luke 22:54-62] – denies ever knowing Jesus, not only once but three times! After Peter denied Jesus, he wept bitterly. You can see his remorse.


How many times have you let your actions or circumstances define you? For example, feeling like you are not good enough.


Jesus named Peter not for who he was but for who he would become.


We tend to feel like failures, but we don’t seek community. We just sit in our feelings and emotions. This is when the enemy can attack. He uses our insecurities to attack our real identity. He gains a foothold when he finds our insecure points and isolates us.


Jesus never stops fighting for us. He knows how valuable we are. He knows who we truly are and what we were made for.


[John 21:15-18]

Jesus returns, and He asks Peter three times “Do you love me?” When Peter responds, Jesus replies, “Then feed my sheep.” Jesus reinstates Peter to be a rock, like his name declares him to be.


We tend to think “oh, I’m not good enough to…” but what the Lord thinks about us is far from that.


Peter found his true identity and was forever changed by the Holy Spirit. We find our true identity when we rest in the truth bestowed upon us by God.


Some sweet reminders:

God loves you unconditionally.

You are valuable.

You are worthy.


Questions to consider:

What is my real identity?
Who does God say I am?